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 Here Goes..(Nothing)

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PostSubject: Here Goes..(Nothing)   Fri Mar 07, 2008 10:36 am

Well.. I think that i have 0% chance to get picked Shocked but still ill apply.

Ehh Well.. My Key is:Dor1000(great u got my name)

My Name in game is:Loony(I made game with friend (not byond one)and he made me that name i liked it so i kept it)

My Exp(if u want to call it Exp):Well im like 1# Db/Z/GT fan alive Very Happy (all my frinds at my age dont see it xD(im almost age 15),I watch It like 9+ Years and i cant stop i got all the games xD).

Gm Exp:Im Iconner and i think im kinda pretty good at iconing,I never was Gm on dbz but i was gm on other kind of byond game and i kinda played the most of Byond anime games.(I've kinda forgot all the game i was gm at so ill try to remember:I was High Staff member on naruto game that ive forgot the name of it.)

Even if i wasnt Gm on dragon ball games i dont think u should pick me but.. if u want to pick me still u should give chance to new Gm's O.o.(o ive almost forogt im 3+ years on byond).

I hope u will look at my topic(even that i think that i dont have chance to all the "pro" wanna be apply to gm that want to apply here.

So... That's all Smile (THe game is realy fun im playing it like 7 days already and i cant stop training XD)
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Here Goes..(Nothing)
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