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 Pem's GM application - For any position!

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PostSubject: Pem's GM application - For any position!   Wed Mar 05, 2008 2:15 am

Name: Pemalite
Key: Pemalite
Time Zone: GMT +9:30
Location: Australia

- Enforcer on Celestial.
- Enforcer on Return of the Defeated 2
- Enforcer on Malicious Intent
- Enforcer on Elite Legends
- Enforcer on The Secret Legends
- Game owner of Battle of Earth
- Enforcer on Extreme
- Enforcer on Cosmos 2

What skills do you have?
- Iconing
- Mapping
- Coding (Byond DM, C++, Pearl, Visual Basic)
- Hosting
- Enforcing
- Forum Making
- Website Design

What would you're personality be like?
- I'm down to earth, Pretty easy going, work hard on anything I am given and attempt to reach the highest quality possible.
I also get along with players rather well, I try to use proper spelling and grammar at all times, and I try not to gain Enforcer powers in order to make my character "Better" thus I don't abuse.
You can also see me in action on the games I enforce in, which would show what my character is like in that certain given situation.
I would be a valuable asset to the game and bring allot of different opportunities which can benefit everyone.
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Pem's GM application - For any position!
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