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 Bug abuser?

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PostSubject: Bug abuser?   Wed Mar 05, 2008 2:13 am

Look at his stats for HIS level - He must have bug abused, anyway he came onto the server during the time half the planet is asleep (My day time though) There was no enforcers on as usual for that time of day, And I got owned in 1 hit against my level 180k Namek - While he was only level 35k. - He was also only in SSJ4 while I was using Inverted plus Kaioken x100 (Super Kaioken). - He then flaunted his power killing anything he saw and calling all of us noobs, when he hadnt been playing for long. - Anyway, can something be done about this? - Or perhaps hire enforcers during my timezone? (GMT +9.5)
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Bug abuser?
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