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 More Suggestions

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PostSubject: More Suggestions   Fri Feb 29, 2008 11:25 pm

Here is a bunch of miscelaneous suggestions that would greatly improve the quality of the already excellent game that you guys are running;
-No more dropping of items that cannot be picked up by other players not in the same guild,this is the main one here as the server is constantly lagging because a select few decide that they want to ruin a perfectly good game for no reason whatsoever
-Grav Control in the space ship
-Hyperbolic Time Chamer makes you train slightly faster(as in the show, but not so extreme so as to keep it balanced)
-The abilty to use weapons and actually be able to hurt people with them(i.e. Slash people with Trunks' sword/the Z sword)
-A Hotkey bar, or atleast the ability to code our own techniques to certain hotkeys such as the numbers.This would make the game FAR superior to any other DBZ game on Byond, as none of them have this feature to my knowledge
-More planets, such as new vegeta.
-Able to make parties/groups with other player as well as have party chat with that
-The function to be able to set a default chat for the chat bar so we dont have to keep clicking OOC everytime
-Allow GMS to delete items on the ground by means of a purge icons button(or something, should only be for higherlevel GMs)
-More DBs wish options, for example be able to learn a technique you wouldnt be able to aquire otherwise
-Many more transformations to balance the fact that people are in the multiple 100k levels already.
-Be able to choose your type of martial art
-More techniques that should be added(take note i dont have all the moves in the game so if i list something we have ignore it): Solar Flare, After Image technique, Body Swap(Cpt Ginyu), Burning Attack, Death Ball(Friezas answer to spirit bomb), Eye Laser(Used by First Piccolo then Freiza then Cell), Tri Beam Cannon(Tien), Special Beam Cannon(Piccolo), Beam of Evil(Used in Dragon Ball, its stronger the more evil that a person is), Death Beam(the attack Freiza used to kill Piccolo and Vegeta on Namek), Dragon Punch(Used by Goku uses the power of the eternal dragon to damage the defender), Energy Barrier(uses Ki to protect the user from attacks, drains Ki the more damage that it takes), Final Kamehameha (Used by Vegito it is the combination of Final Flash and Kamehameha), Kyodaika( The ability for naemkians to greatly increase their size, their answer to the Oozaru) and thats all i have for now.
-Saiyins gain strength from nearly dying but then surviving.
-Portara Earrings
-Namekian fusion, It would probably be a good idea to make it a temporary fusion,as opposed to it being permanent in the show
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More Suggestions
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