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 Humanoid for GM

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PostSubject: Humanoid for GM   Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:56 pm

Hello, Admin. I like your game and I would like to be a GM.

Key- The King of Gamez

In-game name- Humanoid

E-mail- guitarjeff5@sbcglobal.net

Skills (Coder, Iconner etc)- I can make forums and GFX.

Experience-DBZ Shadow Reign (Master Enforcer), DBZ Online (Game Owner), DBZ Last Dynasty (Master Enforcer), DBZ Heroes Legacy (Staff Council), DBZ Revolution Z ( Trial Enforcer) (Note:No GMs go on to promote), DBZ Last Dynasty (Staff Council), DBZ Dark Appocalypse (Staff Council), DBZ The power withing you got the power (High Council), DBZ Lost Saiyans 1 (Enforcer), DBZ Frontline (Master Enforcer), DBZ Aura of Power 2 (Master Enforcer)

11 games I think.. lol!

Why should i pick you- I have alot of expirience on BYOND and I can help players with anything they need. I like the game and I feel I would be a great addition to the GM team. I'm always online to your game and I respect all players and GMs for every game I play. I always receive good feedback from people on the games I am GM on.
Below is a picture of my friend's key. I decided to GFX a picture with his name.

If you want an example of forums, Here is a game I made forums for, Dragonball Aura of Power 2. Don't belive me? Go on the game's hub and see that the forum matches.


Leave a reply please!


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Humanoid for GM
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