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 ~GM Application Form~

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PostSubject: ~GM Application Form~   Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:09 am

This is my GM Application.
I Hope i fit the Job Position

In-game name- Riddick
E-mail- Joshy_108@hotmail.com
Skills (Coder, Iconner etc)- Former Coder, Ability to work in odd conditions.
Experience- I have been a GM in Many Games, Not just BYOND games.
- WoW Private Servers (Owned my own)
- RuneScape Private Servers (Admin on 3 Servers)
- Habbo Hotel Retro (Owned and been Mod / Admin on 16)
- BYOND (Created 3 Games, Was a GM on 3+)

Why should i pick you-
I have allot of Experience and know how to handle certain situations well.
I am a fast learner and can memorise Rules easily.
I am able to enforce rules, and punish rule breakers without abusing my GM Power.

I Hope you choose me to be a GM For your game!
I would love to help out.

- Riddick
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PostSubject: Re: ~GM Application Form~   Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:21 pm

Hi my name is Jonathan Anderson my game name is Dart. I am good at listening and learning, I help new comers, I dont abuse my GM powers when I punish people. I am also a level 2 soon to be a level 3 GM on another game. They say they might give the game to me beacause I have helped a lot of people on the game. I am a good sport but I admit I did get banned from one game for asking for GM on the game and didnt ask through applacation. I do like helping people I aint a kind of person that just says that for fun I really do like helping people. I dont like fighting (yelling or cursing) on the game I like 2 make friends and get to know them so that I can have real and online friends. Some people I can understand dont like having online friends so I wont beg people for them to be my friend. Ok so I hope you get this applacation for GM and please reply soon and also if you say no its ok I wont powght over it.

Jonathan Anderson(Dart)
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~GM Application Form~
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